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How did woodworking come about? You see my background is electronics design and engineering. I spend most of my career in the telecommunications industry. I then went into the petroleum industry for while. I always liked to create and build things because of my imagination and curiosity.

I got into the woodworking business because my wife was always asking me to build something for her. In fact she used to say I like that piece of furniture or something made of wood and I would say, “Oh hell I can build that”. So I was put to the test. Mine came out much better because it was customized. You should see my kitchen.

So the name woodworking is not just about wood stuff but a collections of all the things I have build for sale. There are much more in my garage that I am testing and one day I will put them for sale. You see I like to test my products first before I put them out.  Boy, if more companies would do that, we would not have so many products that suck.
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